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About the Conference

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Effective ways of fluid transmission have always been a focus area for Global Energy & Utility companies. Nowadays, increased scope for cross-country pipelines and the prevalence of natural gas pipelines alongside crude ones have created newer challenges in its transportation. Keeping a view on the Environmental Hazards in Pipeline Construction, Maintaining Operational Safety, Integrity & Structural Health, and adoption of new-age materials and technologies like Automation, Digitalization etc. are the future trends in the pipeline industry.

The event is aimed at sharing Practical Ideas and discussing Best Case Examples focusing latest development in Pipeline Design & Construction, Integrity Management, maintenance of Aging Pipelines, Leak Detection &Theft Issues, Real-Time Monitoring of Pipeline Health & Safety, and any other new technologies to prevent future damage to the pipelines, maintain adequate safeguards for assets, human life and the environment. This will feature lectures and presentations on all aspects surrounding Crude Oil, Natural Gas, CGD/ PNG/ LNG, and Product Pipeline systems for exchanging their ideas, acquiring knowledge/ information regarding existing and upcoming products and technologies.

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

Following topics has been planned:

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Track 1: Technological & economic impacts for pipeline design & construction

•    HDD construction challenges
•    Technologies and challenges for pipeline construction/ EPC contractors
•    Newer applications in feasibility study &route survey
•    Latest developments in coated pipes and applications
•    Usage of non-metallic/composite reinforced pipes
•    New pipeline materials- coatings/ valves/ fittings/ pipes
•    Pipeline Welding Technology, Weld Anomalies

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Track 2: Ensuring safer pipelines through integrity management

•    Intelligent pigging, UT & Magnetic
•    Novel Inspection Techniques, Online Monitoring
•    New age Coatings, Cathodic protection, AC interference
•    Internal & External Corrosion of Pipelines
•    Pipeline Repair Methodologies, Clamping & Wrapping

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Track 3: Transporting hydrogen & other biofuels through pipelines

•    Trunk pipeline design & construction for hydrogen transportation
•    Transportation challenges for hydrogen/ blend pipelines
•    Production, storage and T&D aspects
•    Challenges for blending of Hydrogen in Existing Gas Pipeline

Track 4: Developments & Challenges for Offshore Pipelines

•    Challenges for Deep Water Pipeline
•    Zero leakage valves for safety to pipelines
•    Pipeline integrity techniques for offshore pipelines
•    Use of UAVs/ robotics for subsea pipelines

Track 5: Significance of integrity assessment for non-piggable pipelines

•    Inspection of Non-Piggable/ Challenging Pipeline
•    Direct Assessment, ECDA, ICDA & SCCDA
•    Practical Approach to Transform Aged Non-Piggable Pipeline into Piggable
•    ROV & Robotic Crawlers/ Pipe Scanner
•    CP Survey (DCVG, CIPS), Coating condition assessment

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Track 6: Challenges to the pipeline industry in the emerging technological scenario

•    Online Sensors and Monitoring Systems
•    Digitalization in the Pipeline operation control systems
•    Latest technologies& challenges in drone surveillance for pipeline assets
•    Leak detection system and automation

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Track 7: Challenges in management of natural gas pipelines & CGD network

•    Gas Storage/ Handling, Gas Liquefaction & Refrigeration
•    Industrial Applications, Alternative Fuels & Green Energy
•    Safety Standards, Risk assessment, Emergency response planning

Track 8: Compressed Gas Technology & Safety Aspects

•    Gas Storage/ Handling, Gas Liquefaction & Refrigeration
•    Industrial Applications, Alternative Fuels & Green Energy
•    Safety Standards, Risk assessment, Emergency response planning

Track 9: Smart Gas Distribution Networks

•    Digitalization & IoT integration in the CGD network & distribution system
•    Sensors, Instrumentation & Automation in CGD networks
•    Data Analytics for Network Optimization

Track 10: Opportunity & Challenges for Hydrogen Blending

•    Hydrogen Economy and Gas Distribution
•    Benefits and Challenges of Hydrogen Blending
•    Regulatory Framework for Hydrogen Blending

Track 11: O&M of energy storage systems

•    Atmospheric storage of Oil & Gas
•    Management of LNG storage tanks

Submission of Abstracts & Papers

Speaking Opportunity
Virtual Team Meeting

Pipe-Tech 2024 invites Pipeline Experts & technocrats to contribute to the conference by submitting their abstracts for technical presentation. Abstracts must clearly indicate new technologies, preferably contains application-oriented case studies, challenges in the present domain, results achieved & their importance. Submitted abstracts should be 300–400 words in length. We would encourage interactive sessions which could create a knowledge & ideas-sharing platform.

Technical committee invites Speakers/Authors to submit their abstracts to,

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Title: Times New Roman; 14 Font, Bold
Author: Times New Roman; 12 Font, Bold
Affiliations: Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic
Abstract: Times New Roman; 12 Font, 300-500 words
Keywords: Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic, 3-4 No. of keywords


Who should attend this forum

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  • Pipeline Operators

  • Pipeline EPC companies, Design, Engineering & Construction Companies

  • Automation companies/ System integrators

  • Integrity solution providers/ NDT companies

  • Digital / Industry 4.0 solution providers

  • Engineering Design Companies/ Consultants

  • Safety & HSE Personnel

  • Pipeline Material, Corrosion Control Professionals

  • Pipeline Welding, NDT/ Inspection

  • Industry bodies/ association


Promote Your Business
Branding / Exhibiting Opportunity

Showcase your cutting-edge product and technologies related to pipeline design, construction, integrity management, aging pipeline maintenance, leak detection, theft prevention, and real-time monitoring of pipeline health and safety by joining our conference as an exhibitor. This premier event provides a platform for you to demonstrate your innovations to a targeted audience of industry professionals, stakeholders, and decision-makers. As an exhibitor, you'll have a dedicated space to highlight your offerings, engage with attendees, and forge valuable connections. Additionally, you have the option to enhance your participation by becoming a branding partner, which includes additional benefits such as increased visibility, logo placement, and recognition in promotional materials. Don't miss this opportunity to position your brand at the forefront of pipeline technology and safety while accessing a host of benefits as an exhibitor or branding partner. 


Partnering as a branding partner can offer numerous advantages, including:

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  • Enhanced Trust: Establish credibility and trust with your audience by demonstrating your expertise and value.

  • Quality Lead Generation: Engage with a more targeted audience, resulting in the generation of high-quality leads for your business.

  • Sales Interest: Capture the interest of attendees, potentially translating into increased sales for your products and services.

  • Face-to-Face Queries: Provide a convenient platform for addressing pre-sales inquiries directly, fostering meaningful interactions.

  • Access to Decision Makers: Gain valuable opportunities to interact with key decision-makers, paving the way for strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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To explore the comprehensive benefits of sponsorship and branding opportunities further, we encourage you to contact us. Seize this opportunity to elevate your brand presence and forge valuable connections with industry leaders. Reach out today to discuss how we can tailor a sponsorship package to align with your specific goals and objectives for the event.

Contact us:

Mob.: +91-81780 77405

Pipe-Tech 2023 Branding Partners & Exhibitors

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About Organizers

About ITEx Institute

The Institute for Technological Excellence (ITEx) is the premier organization for the dissemination of knowledge and innovative ideas relating to industrial technologies. It is run by industry technocrats, volunteers from business and academia who relentlessly provides their support, energy and resources to prosper in today’s challenging global marketplace.

Members and stakeholders can discuss the diverse dimensions of technology management, from incremental innovation, integration of design and manufacture to technological innovation and creation of hybrid technologies. It’s a platform to explore new-age technologies; focus on operational excellence, continuous improvement/ optimization techniques and think lean. This forum has been created to exchange best practices in the industry and network for career enhancement and improve the competitiveness and overall value of their organizations.

ITEx members have been associated with past technical forums like Pipeline Integrity Management, Asset Integrity Management & Risk Based Inspection, Industrial Process Optimization, Safety, Automation & Digitalization etc.

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